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Pwnboxer Review


Let us start with the big, knowledgeable facts about Pwnboxer and the improvements it can bring to someone who is into serious Wow gaming:

  1. Controlling 5 (or more) characters at once on the same PC – Obviously this requires that you have that many accounts (or that you share).
  2. Farming heroics on solo mode and off course getting all the loot for yourself.
  3. Owning players in Arenas, Battlegrounds and World Player vs Player action.
  4. Easy 5 minutes setup (complete with free setup step by step video instructions)
  5. Compatible with Mists of Pandaria Expansion and the newest patch (5.3 – Escalation at this moment).
  6. And finally it is completely legal (as long as the player controls all the characters – which you do as long as you use this software).

Well I think that this should help you in forming an opinion about this little helpful software of ours. But before we get down to business and we mention some of the “nasty” aspects, such as price, duration and stuff that’s included let’s just have a short glance at some of the disadvantages that Pwnboxer has:

  • First one is the fact that you actually need more than one account and if playing the official servers that might prove a bit of a problem (if you know what I mean). However if you get those accounts somehow, problem solved :)
  • Second issue is the fact that in order to run multiple versions without any problems you need quite a decent PC. So to say you can run about 3, 4 maybe even 5 on a decent dual-core without having any major trauma for your CPU, but as you go higher things get messy.
  • Another disadvantage might be represented by the fact that all your characters need to be (not necessarily, but it would be advisable) the same class and have the same key configuration so that the key broadcasting might work properly.
  • And one final tiny problem might be related to the fact that Blizz imposed some rules lately that make a bit tricky to use multiboxing/dualboxing in PvP environments such as Battlegrounds (And perhaps even Arenas, but that is still unclear, cause in the last patch things seemed to work just fine).

And that’s quite it, a few advantages and disadvantages that you will be faced with when using any kind of multiboxing software,including, Pwnboxer Multiboxing Software. Now off course that there are plenty of other choices for broadcasting commands in-game to multiple versions or fully functional multiboxing gaming software for World of Warcraft (and other MMO’s for that matter), but if you ask me this one has to be the best!

Alright and finally we have these final features that need to be mentioned. The price (cause it actually costs money to own this thing) is a bit higher than that of other similar software (because it’s better) and it spins at about 47$. For this money you get a whole year license, full support, training videos and more free updates and upgrades directly to your e-mail for free!


And it really isn’t any use try and search for a free version cause even if you manage to download it and install it without stumbling over a small“surprise” the thing won’t work as long as it isn’t activated (similar to the Blizzard Registration Key) and them workable registration keys are … let’s just say tricky to find on the web (not necessarily impossible). Anyways, you all know a bit more about this Multiboxing/Dualboxingthing now and if you still have any unclear issues on the topic, feel free to just ask me.